About Me

Garth 3_400w

I’ve dabbled with acting, directing, drawing, and woodcarving, but writing has always been the ultimate art in my world. I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I won an essay contest at age eleven. A hundred bucks in 1960–what would that be equivalent to now?

I’ve always been writing–journals, stories, descriptive letters, etc. I even had a university prof tell me–after I turned in a children’s story for my course evaluation (A+ by the way)–that I should be making my living writing for kids. That never happened. Yet.

I could write a book about all the miles and milestones in my life, but that’s old news. Let me just say that by the time I was able to re-assemble the parts of me that had fragmented from some bad choices, I had done more jobs than anyone I know. Here’s a partial list: logger, dock worker, salesman, surveyor, janitor, childcare worker, house framer, day labourer, landscaper, roofer, lead smelter worker, meditation instructor, English teacher, and purchasing department golden boy.

One of my incarnations was as a teacher and I did that for about twenty-five years. Most of my students said they enjoyed my classes. I liked to fly with creative ideas and many of them worked.

Since I retired from teaching I’ve put serious time into learning the craft of writing. I’ve managed to produce enough short stories for a collection, have many of them published in journals and anthologies, and now I have a historical novel published. (Check out my Links page to find where my published short stories are available. Some can be read online.)

Besides having The Swan’s Road picked up by Tirgearr Publishing in Ireland, in 2017 I won a writing prompt challenge with Blank Spaces Literary Magazine, received an honourable mention in a fifty word story contest with On the Premises, was one of two runners-up in the Wundor Editions (UK) Short Fiction Contest, and received an honourable mention for the Short Story America 2017 Prize.

I am fortunate to have the peace and quiet I need for writing here on the five-acre horse-boarding farm I manage with my wife Barb, in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

My other focus besides writing is doing equine therapy with developmentally delayed and physically challenged children.

Life is good.